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Millenium cylinders are an engineering and manufacturing masterpiece. From its advanced 3-D port contour and increased wall thickness, to its through hardened AMS 6382 steel barrel and other metallurgical advancements that create a structure that is vastly stronger than industry standards, the Millennium Cylinder’s list of performance and quality benefits goes on and on. 

Millennium Cylinders resist cracking, run cooler, last longer and generally outperform the cylinders available from Lycoming, Continental or any other aftermarket supplier. Millennium Cylinders meet, and often exceed, the demands of discerning pilots, engine shops, FBO’s, charter operators and flight schools the world over. With each hour, the legend of Millennium Cylinders’ performance grows, making it the only real choice for owners who demand the very best. Contact us today for a customized Millennium Cylinder quote.

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